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Chances are, if you’ve ever seen Mark Lipman play, your emotions have been stirred from the moment he opens his mouth to sing. With a voice that comes wrenching from his heart and soul, and a range that has him dubbed “the truest falsetto in town,” his powerful sonic presence has left quite a mark on his listeners. 

Mark Lipman’s dedication to songwriting began when he was 19 years old. Unbeknownst to him, a guitar waited untouched in his family's attic since before he was born. With a chance mention of his interest in lessons to his parents, his union with the instrument began.  He soaked up the folk-style basics from a handful of lessons from John Curtis in Newburyport, and never looked back. Playing in notable Boston stages over the years such as Club Passim, Toad, and The Lizard Lounge, he has built a network of listeners, musicians, and friends whom continue to fill his life with gratitude for the power of music. He also brings his love of music into his work as an Expressive Therapist, teaching the art of songwriting to groups of passionate storytellers in psychiatric hospitals. 

Goodbye Copilot is Mark Lipman’s first studio effort, featuring a range of songwriting and singing sensibilities for which he has been known in the Boston music community for over a decade.


Released in 2015, the EP has received accolades from fans, and has helped Mark to reach more listeners, growing his fanbase. The process began with a successful crowdfunding campaign, followed by Mark reaching out to Sean McLaughlin of 37’ Studios, and enlisting a whole host of local talent including Mike Levesque (David Bowie) and Reid Angwin (Afro D All Starz, Jugghead). The result is a notably formidable start to his discography, showcasing his abilities to unify elements of folk, soul, and rock into a dynamic journey of storytelling.



Press quotes for Goodbye Copilot:

"Mark Lipman is one of those rare musicians who effortlessly crosses genre. His songwriting gift is truly unexpected, with an ability to turn a quiet folk ballad into a rock powerhouse with ease, as evidenced on songs like "Best of Me." And his voice! Striking, emotional, intimate, and even gritty at times—it soars above and gives me chills every time. He truly is a one-in-a-million singer.” --Abbie Barrett

“An ideal companion on a road trip or a rainy Sunday afternoon. His music and lyrics encourage the listener to reach out and reconnect to those we love the most. For while an old love, a summer day at the shore, or sharing a strange dream with a friend may be ephemeral, such moments make us who we are.” --Jared Gordon

“[The second and third tracks] Goodbye Copilot and Migratory Birds particularly got me. [Mark] put a great band together…and the harmonies throughout are killer.” --Neale Eckstein

The Debut EP

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